Note: The College of Design at NCSU offers the Downtown Studio — a studio experience in Raleigh which fosters community engagement. This was a unique course with transformative outcomes. We partnered with Hip Hop Haven, a local youth center, to create an exhibit that celebrated both Hip Hop and the non-profit itself. Our final exhibit showcased larger-than-life portraits, that were the result of a demo my students gave to the Hip Hop Haven students (thank you Nick Schlax). To this day, this class exemplifies the best in service learning, exhibit design and community building. And isn’t that what it’s all about? Mic drop.

Hip Hop Haven student portraits (project lead: Nick Schlax)

Title wall design (Joseph Mann)

Hip Hop Haven student photography exploration (project lead: Nick Schlax)

Stairwell design (Toni Chester and Shannon Marklin)


Setup shot

Graffiti Taxonomy (Amber Majors)

Opening night performers (thank you!)

Hip Hop History Timeline (Elizabeth Walters and Meghan Witzke)

Installation day

Various material-based type designs (clockwise: Shannon Marklin; Dan Marino; David Maki; Jamie Wolfe)

Alison Citron
Amber Majors
Ashley Kirkman
Brian Quick
Dan Marino
David Maki
Elizabeth Walters
Helen Shaffer
Jamie Wolfe
Jessica Vondy
Joseph Mann
Kelsey Downs
Meghan Witzke
Nick Schlax
Shannon Marklin
Steven Valenziano
Teresa Cunningham
Toni Chester
Design professor and collaborator:
Kathleen Meaney
Gratitude to:
Ashley Kopp, Hip Hop Haven Director
Hip Hop Haven students
Opening night performers

More projects:

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