Serving as an intern at Small Design Firm, we were asked to design a bi-lingual planner for RGI Informatics. Seeing that it had a lot of variable content (days, weeks, months, etc.), the SDF team wrote a script for InDesign to automate the content. Code translated English into Italian and updated months, days, and numbers *automatically* based on master page designs.

Page designs

Endpaper design based off an Ernst Haeckel illustration.

Once all the master pages were designed, and the script was written, all you had to do was play the code, and InDesign automatically created new pages, in the right order, and with updated text. Amazing!

Sample header typography.

Bilingual Daily Planner
(designed with customized scripts)

Javascript and Applescript used to automatically generate day and month pages 
Designer / Programmer:
KT Meaney (book design and minor code-writing)
Akua Nti (code)
Kate Terrado (production)
Small Design Firm
(designed while interning at SDF)

RGI Informatics

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