This 3D model of Herbert Bayer's Chromatic Gate is designed to be experienced virtually, as an X3D field trip for students. Model by Phat Nguyen.

The Chromatic Gate, originally located in Santa Barbara, is transported virtually to different context. This HyberCube system, seen above, "runs the InstantReality engine across 8 projectors, which are tiled and blended for a high-resolution immersive experience." Here the model is juxtaposed near a classical monument for a critical review.

Glam shots

A 360 photosphere of the Bauhaus. Photosphere by Dirk Wandel ©.

Project Title:
Translating a Smithsonian Exhibit for Digital Learning

Carolyn Commer
Kathleen Meaney (PI)
Nicholas Polys
Phat Nguyen

David Franusich

Note: This project was funded by a grant from the Institute for Creativity, Arts and Technology

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