ICAT presentation design

Trail branding exploration

3D printed prototype and fastener design (by Taekyeom Lee). Two-color printing was tested as well as soft, flexible filament (PLA)

Various ways to attach designs to U-channel and Square Posts (3D model design by Taekyeom Lee)

Prototype by Taekyeom Lee (right)

Sign system design

Design directions #1 and #2. (Thank you Savanah Greenwald and Taekyeom Lee)

Virtual Watershed Research Team:

Kathleen Meaney, Design
Taekyeom Lee, Design (3D design)
Savanah Greenwald, student support in Design
W. Cully Hession, Biological Systems Engineering
Nicholas F. Polys, Director of Visual Computing 
Annie Dubner, student support in BSE
Tiffany Drape, Agricultural Leadership and Community Education

Peter Sforza, Center for Geographic Information Technologies
Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology (ICAT)
at Virginia Tech

More projects:

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